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when the time to meet again comes
don’t be cautious
don’t guard me from sweet harm
use the glamour in your voice
i won’t run away, i won’t
as i fall into the shadows of the river Thames
as the Shard stays aglow at night
as the heart stops cadaverous
as the lips part with a gasp
i won’t hate you
i will keep the touch
your existence in angelic mist
i will save the sounds of the first kiss
the aquamarine color of your eyes
the stars seen from the windows
your clothes, saturated in male fragrance
the first morning and the last night
our bodies squandered together
unconscious in an uncontrollable moment
your hand, my hand
your skin, my skin
your smile and the rumpled satin
when the time to meet again comes
don’t hesitate, drink me in with your eyes
i won’t flinch, i won’t escape …

© 2016, B. Todorova


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