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Ο Δρομέας or The Runner is a 12 meters tall sculpture located in Athens. The author is Costas Varotsos. It’s made entirely out of dark green glass and it was created in honor of the first Olympic runner Spiridon Louis who won the first modern day Olympic marathon. The monument was originally installed in Omonia square, but it was transferred on a square near Hilton hotel when the start of work on the Metro station in Omonia began. I can only imagine how the move was arranged and delivered The Runner in one piece through the considerable distance.

I’ve tried to find the exact year the sculpture was built, some papers say it was 1988, other talk about 1994. But when you stand in front of the monument, I can tell you the year doesn’t really matter. All I could think about at first was- “Please, let’s not have an earthquake before I manage to take few pictures!”. It’s huge and somehow frightening seeing the sheets of glass layered one on top of the other, but it’s unique and one of a kind view I am very proud to have stored with my pictures. A little sunshine would’ve been good for better pictures, but I will go again there on a sunny day … that is one thing sure!






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