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A night in lavender comes from the sky,
ordinary at first, if it wasn’t for
the glow of fireflies and a pair of lion’s eyes;
it’s a cast over Times New Roman hello
where thoughts chase away the late evening,
turning into a wish living its life
on the flame of a scented candle.

I don’t know how to tell you,
that when the night approaches,
suddenly or on purpose, I run frightened
to find shelter inside one of many dreams about you.
Sometimes you are so close that the air I breathe
has the power of a wild ocean, and I like it,
even if it drowns me in the end.
Other times we are just two strangers
enjoying the silence and the strange love
in a world where the eyes could only speak.

But tonight I can relish your face,
your voice can trigger butterfly wars in my mind,
and this time is as real as it could be.
It hurts all the same that my hands hold
a hot cup of tea and not your hands.
You will ask why I didn’t dare and break
the digitally shaped distance,
you were only a sigh away… And I will tell you
that a passion nurtured little by little and
hidden between the shadows and the soul
deserves more than a sparkle from a faraway star …


©2014, B. T., All rights reserved