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It took me years to realize that the best day in a single year is the first day of summer, when the salty breeze of real or imaginary oceans conquers all senses and the heart has no other option but to give in to the sin of sunshine and the beat of the waves, whispering tales about desires and moonlight fires; the burst of rainbows and butterflies, and the taste of cold, sparkling wine that only reveals the eyes of lovers, the souls of travelers.

Tomorrow somewhere will be the first day of summer. No one will announce it officially, but I will know, once I get on the plane that leaves tonight, the spices of million summer flowers will stay scattered behind me, to charm the stranger who will replace me in the town that I know so painfully well.

I look at the suitcases and I say to myself, ‘If my two, Samsonite buddies have survived the years and the turbulence, I will be just fine too’, even if I have missed this year’s first summer day, not because where I am going is already summer, but because the Sun, Himself, is waiting for me …

I’ve been thinking about when and where it all started. Maybe it was another first summer day that I didn’t appreciate or notice, because I was just a rebel in the town of roses, trying to find a place to feel comfortable. Maybe it was written and destined that no matter which road I choose to take, after so many mistakes and failures, I have finally learned a lesson … Maybe!

And how innocently the ‘Maybe’ lingers in the air, in a world where the Earth shakes under poetic riots, under those beautiful tangerine skies following the clouds to the unknown…

Seasons will change. From blooming sour cherries to warm rain, from lush grapes in vineyards to crystal, cold windows. Summers will come and go, like fables from the past they will channel dreams and sunsets. The light of the stars will turn from lambent to crepuscular more than once and sometimes loneliness will bond with winter blues over cracked mirrors and hope; but the inevitable will remain forever shimmering on those delicate horizons that fill the distance with the vows of ancient lovers, on those skylines that once gave me a heart.

Windy Eshaness-like Summer

Windy Eshaness-like Summer

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