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Eshaness is a dramatically beautiful place in North Shetland. I can officially say that it is the best place I’ve ever been to. Even the memories of the Egyptian pyramids faded away once I stood on the cliffs of Eshaness and saw what my imagination thought was never possible to see.

Created by the power of the North Atlantic, the stunning array of stacks, blowholes and geos (narrow inlets) tell a fascinating story of a long extinct volcano and a very different past environment. The spectacular cliffs cut right through the flank of what was the Eshaness volcano once, made me think of how small we people are.

It’s difficult to explain the feelings one can go through up there and I don’t know if my pictures give a justice to the place, but the three hours wandering in Eshaness can easily be a resemblance to a great and passionate love story that could happen only in books and movie or a historical moment that could change the course of thousand lives…

Or maybe the wind there was way too strong, cold and damaged my senses and I am only exaggerating over a view that found the shortcut to my Achilles heel … Either way, I thank whatever, whoever created Eshaness and my good luck to be able to see it with my own eyes.






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