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I want you here tonight, with eyes and hands, ravenous,
Demanding to drink the silence on my inky curls.
I’ve given up every pale substitute, every word of hate,
I seek for the lagoon scent between satin and baldachin.

I ache for your lips leaving mine off-color,
Your smile – a beast cropping the armor inside my heart,
I void your fingers tracing the alabaster shadows of my skin,
I want you to inhale my name, to breathe me and let the violins play.

I have to elicit the colors of liquid sunshine when you speak,
Your untamed face when I hide my desires under a fake critique,
I long to feel you drain the winter out of my body,

And I’ve united vigor and passion against the dawn to come,
Following the rhythm of an ancient talisman, a mistress of Cupid’s arrow,
I dream to conquer the world in your heart, tonight.

Image by Ana C. on Tumblr

Image by Ana C. on Tumblr

©2013, B. T., All rights reserved