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It’s 1995, I’m nearly 19 years old. Boring November weekend, no parties on the horizon to attend. The two girls I live with and I, are plodding on, lazily, around the flat we rent, very close to the University. Nothing thrilling on tv, nothing to stare at through the windows, just clouds that are about to spit the first snow and that makes me melancholic. The phone rings, I don’t even have the motivation to get up and answer, but Miroslava does. ‘It’s for you’ she says, looking at me with a mysterious smile and playful expression.

It’s him! The boy I’ve met weeks ago and I’ve stopped thinking about, because no one takes that much time to decide if he wants a first date. But he wants one now. He will come to pick me up in an hour. I give him directions to our street, like a sleepwalking junkie, I hang the phone and I almost scream-‘Girls, I have one hour!’ None of them asks questions, the room is suddenly filled with excitement and life.

If you haven’t seen sisters in action, this is where you should’ve been. I head to the shower, Miroslava opens the cupboard and I see her piling possible outfits on my bed and Maria searches for the make-up box. As soon as I come out from the shower, Miroslava hits the button of the cassette- player/ yes, it was that far back :)/ and we hear Freddy singing ‘Somebody to love’ and we all burst giggling. I’ve always loved Queen, but because of this day, I favor this song the most. It’s very hard to try and put tights on and play on an imaginary guitar; to sing, holding the TV control as a microphone and in the same time to have the girls applying make up.

But on the end it turned out to be the best first date ever, which continued 3 days, nearly 200 km away from my flat, in my favorite town on Black sea coast, Nessebar. How silly teenagers can be! And how innocently beautiful was to be silly! :)

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