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I haven’t heard Sergio Mendes and “Magdalenha” in ages. This morning the radio alarm woke me up with it. Apart from being such a lively and rhythmic song it also has its share of memories … the kind of memories I stubbornly want to turn back and relive over and over again …

I was 20 years old, nearly; third year in university… Engineering was, still is… /Nothing against engineers! I stand to be one too :) but …/ the most boring thing I’ve ever done for 35 years life. And being always absolutely myself, in search of the colorful side of life, I signed up to Latin dance classes and of course I loved it! I didn’t need to know the basic maths theories, just to have feelings and rhythm!

It took me only couple of weeks to catch up with the rest of the group, because I’ve had Latin dance lessons in high school too. At the end of the month each dancing club hosted Latin music night. It was the most amazing music and dance event I’ve ever been to. Boys and girls, filled with adrenaline just dancing around, no names asked, no critique, no judgements, just bodies moving with the sounds. 

A boy from another club taught me how to dance samba on this song. I probably don’t remember the exact steps right now, but I remember very clear how divine was to feel the way I felt- a dancer, even for a night!

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