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they come
when the dust crawls
on street corners
when you need help
to inhale the ashes
left after demons fight
kindness offered
breaths undercover
making you a better man
a woman.
barely in charge, addicted
you accept them

they hold you
when tears betray you
to let you know
there’s this salty taste of life
no proof of sound to register
the beauty of arms around you
in and out, up and down
the value of a friendly hand
matters in each second
in moments when you realize
you can’t have
the whole pot of ice-cream alone

they go eventually
with a promise to return
but only in your deep sleep
leaving empty
the guest’s cup of coffee
grounded on a shelf with bitter herbs
they come and go
like trains in opposite directions
like seasons changing the shades of the day
leaving you on a cold bench
collecting the murmurs of the wind


©2013, B. T., All rights reserved