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As twilight touches the sky tonight,
rain suddenly flutters, the halcyon rain that burns
the ashen ground with murmurs, searches
fresh air and the velvet of exposed skin.

Fine drops draw the illusion of summer in hearts,
they smell the scent of rainbows and disappear
and when the winds blow and the muddy floods stop,
the stars drain off the wet air with their sparkles, eager.

Thunders and lightnings against clear skies,
I know you created this blissful journey!
Clouds’ invasion on innocent dreams, but does it matter?
I know you invented the rain for me!

Eyes, lips, hands. They look, they touch, they move.
Dewdrops tremble, revealing the colors that hold triumph.
A moment of perfection pirouettes in heaven,
while our feet share a puddle.

Drawing summer

©2013, B. T., All rights reserved