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When someone broke into my flat last year and stole my laptop, I thought I’ve lost many pictures I didn’t back up. Sorting out my CD’s, I found one with some of those supposedly lost images. This is one of them. It was taken with my old camera and the exposure and the colors were not that good, I played a lot to make it look the way it looks. I wanted to highlight the rain, but no luck with that. I tried many versions and on the end, I think, I like it in black and white the best.

The Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Etar, one my favorite places in Northern Bulgaria, has typical Bulgarian revival houses/ like the one in the photograph/. With its souvenir shops and craftsmen workshops, using original instruments and following old traditions, it portrays the characteristic architecture and the way of life in the area of town Gabrovo in the 18th century.

*Click on the image/ it opens in a new window/ if you wish to see the original size.

Revival times

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