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I saw Coraline yesterday. I wanted to escape, but by the time I realize who’s in front of me, she saw me too and there was no way out. Very few people manage to bring the worst out in me and she is one of them. Luckily, I’ve learned the art of patience thanks to individuals like her, so being extremely polite and wearing the sweetest smile ever, I faced her. I was nice and chatty, and even with a sympathy to her bubbly behavior, but still, the irony in her voice reminded me of the first time I met her few years ago.

When as soon as I crossed the border of his private space, Coraline made sure I noticed how the territory was marked. Grand speech of sort how well she knows where his strength is, accidentally sharing details of their intimate life, letting few secrets to slip away, humiliating my dignity in a way that I should register the registered already, the fact that I have no place around him.

What Coraline didn’t know was that I was there, in the days before her royal time, holding the beauty only a promise for togetherness can contain. She didn’t know that this was my last visit, to pay respect and to collect something I forgot before I found out how any castle in the air can be swept away by the slightest change of seasons. I came back to take that part of my existence where I still had a belief in the cherry dreams Fate sometimes could offer.

I wanted to tell Coraline that it doesn’t matter if the color of her toe nails is a perfect match with the color of her sandals, because the time of the ugly, gray boots will eventually come again and the turquoise toe nails will disappear under the cotton wool socks. I wanted to tell her that there is no place on Earth with 365 days of summer, because if there was, I would’ve been there first.

365 days of Summer

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