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“Between the shadows” is the name that will come with my comments. How you choose to name me is up to you. You can call me Bay, Bee, Bea, Becky, Bella, Beverly, Bianca, Bonnie, Brandy, Bria …oh, anyway you like, as long as the first letter of the name remains capital B, standing for Bold, Bright, Believe … and all these lovely B words I love.

If you wonder where I come from, I’m not sure I can give you a particularly reasonable answer, despite the simplicity of the question. I was born in a country, which I never learned how to love. People, moments, events didn’t let me. I go back there few times a year as a tourist and I have a great time thanks to my family and thanks to the beautiful nature, but the feeling of being a stranger in my own country never leaves me. And in a way it’s sad to see that what I’ve left behind, years ago, has hardly changed and if it has, not into a good direction.

I live in a country where, to tell you the truth, I have no idea what I’m doing at. Lack of choice, lack of opportunities and maybe just a little bit lack of bravery, after series of disappointments, still keep me here. I value the fact that I’m surrounded by extremely rich historical sites and greatness not many nations can be proud about, but I keep on dreaming about other horizons, other languages, other landscapes and that almost makes me the ultimate citizen- dreamer of the world.

What is this blog about? That I can answer. To keep my soul away from the shadows. I’ve wandered around the WordPress lands, voiceless and wrongly sure about many things, so, if anyone of you thinks that you’ve met me, that you recognize particles of the scintillating ripples, I once owned, you probably are right, but ignore that and smile, always smile …

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